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Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture has three departments. We offer students opportunities to learn Synthetic Science, which focuses on Sustainable Crop Production and Conservation of the Natural Environment, and Advanced Science, which focuses on the Elucidation and Application of Bioscience. Currently, we are faced with many serious issues, such as food supply and safety, environment preservation, information society, bioenergy, and local community, about which you can learn and study in our Faculty. Saga University is surrounded by the beauty of nature and is located in one of the largest agricultural areas. This environment is very suitable for studies and research in agriculture and bioscience.

Educational Goals

The Faculty of Agriculture is committed to providing students with comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of agriculture and agriculture-related fields that will enable them to comprehend and deal with diverse social demands.

Courses of Study

  • Department of Applied Biological Sciences
    • Bioresource Development
    • Bioresource Regulation
  • Department of Agro-Environmental Sciences
    • Agro-Environmental Conservation
    • Agrobiology & Agro-Production Systems
    • Community Development
  • Department of Applied Biochemistry and Food Science
    • Life Chemistry
    • Food Science
Faculty of AgricultureFaculty of Agriculture