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Faculty of Culture and Education

The Faculty of Culture and Education was established as a new faculty in 1996 through the reorganization of the two Faculties of Liberal Arts and Education. In our program students can now study both Humanities and Sciences synthetically and harmoniously. We cultivate people who can create new ideas of education and culture which will form the basis of society, and those who can grasp the modern society from a global and local viewpoint in an age of globalization, and the rapid development of information industries, and aging societies. We offer students broad, well-balanced, diversified curriculums which focus on a strong teacher-training program and motivate education and research.

Educational Goals

The Faculty of Culture and Education offers four major programs: School Education, International Studies of Culture, Human Life and Environment, and Arts and Crafts. Our comprehensive, well-balanced curriculum provides students not only with professional expertise but also with integrated knowledge.

Courses of Study

  • School Education Course
    • Pedagogy
    • Education Psychology
    • Special Education
    • Education of School Subjects
    • Science
    • Mathematics
    • Music
  • International Studies of Culture Course
    • Japanese and Asian Culture
    • European and American Culture
  • Human Life and Environment Course
    • Life, Environment, Technology
    • Health, Welfare and Sports
  • Arts and Crafts Course
    • Arts and Craft
Faculty of Culture and Education Faculty of Culture and Education

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