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Graduate School of Agriculture

Agriculture is a study of Science which deals with the existence of living things who are expected to overcome the issues of food and environment to live together with all the other creatures on earth in the twenty-first century. Our purpose is to educate and do research in this field to resolve those agricultural problems. Our mission is to develop creative, high-qualification researchers and experts in Agricultural Science and Life Science with high-level professional knowledge and abilities, which can meet the needs of the current high-technology, information, globalized societies.

Educational Goals

  • Equip students with problem-solving skills that will enable them to solve agricultural problems faced by regional and international communities.
  • Foster skilled, innovative professionals by providing them with high ethical awareness and a global perspective so that they can put their advanced, practical, creative abilities to use in a variety of fields.

Courses of Study

Master’s Course (Two-Year Program)
  • Course of Applied Biological Sciences
  • Course of Bioenvironmental Conservation
  • Course of Resource Recycling Agrobiology and Agro-Production Systems
  • Course of Rural Development Studies
  • Course of Applied Biochemistry and Food Science

Special Courses