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Graduate School of Economics

The Graduate School of Economics offers students advanced knowledge and skills in economics and management with the aim of cultivating specialists who can take leadership in the present knowledge-intensive society. We have two Departments: the Department of Finance and Economic Policy aims to cultivate students who can resolve various international problems and propose a political plan based on the analysis of statistics and social events. The goal of the Department of Business Management is to equip students with information processing skills as well as the knowledge of management, accounting and business laws in order to prepare our graduates to play an active role in the forefront of the business world.

Educational Goals

Prepare well-informed, knowledgeable graduates with a broad perspective and expert practical skills that will enable them to contribute to a knowledge-based society in various roles by providing education and research opportunities in the fields of economics, management, and law.

Courses of Study

Master’s Course (Two-Year Program)
  • Department of Finance and Economic Policy
  • Department of Business Management