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Admission Policy

Saga University provides an environment in which students have free access to school facilities and can easily maintain close communication with faculty members. We encourage students to explore their potential with respect to their unique abilities, so that they can acquire and learn to apply professional expertise through personal development and research.

Education at Saga University aims to help students gain both general and professional knowledge in order for them to adapt to the latest developments in information technology, to increase their awareness and understanding of local culture, and to equip them with a keen cultural sensitivity and the communication skills required in this age of globalization.

Saga University seeks students with a hunger for challenge, a determination to pursue intellectual curiosity, and a passion to contribute to society.

Faculty of Culture and Education

School Education Course

We seek students who intend to specialize in one of the following areas: Pedagogy, Educational Psychology, Special Education, Education of School Subjects, Science, Mathematics, and Music, and who will not only master their chosen discipline but will also provide answers to current educational questions. We also welcome other highly motivated students with a broad range of knowledge and specialized skills who desire to become teachers.

International Studies of Culture Course
  1. We choose students who can think and learn globally and who, in the future, will be able to apply what they have learned to their own lives and to society as a whole.
  2. We seek students who desire to study Asian or European languages, culture, history, philosophy, legal systems, politics and economics, who wish to study abroad, or who intend to utilize their multifaceted abilities to work in any of the followings fields: public service, travel, information and telecommunications, finance and insurance.
Human Life and Environment Course

The Human Life and Environment Course seeks high academic achievers with an interest in studying the natural environment, local communities, human culture, health and welfare systems, and sports. We welcome students with vision who intend to pursue research that responds to current demands, who are willing to acquire the necessary specialized knowledge, and who have the ability to translate their knowledge into action.

Arts and Crafts Course

The Arts and Crafts Course seeks applicants who have a deep interest in Japanese Painting, Oil Painting, Sculpture, Design, Ceramics, Wood Crafts, Dyeing, Metal Crafts, the history and theory of Art, or related studies. We also look for students who meet our technical requirements and who are willing to unleash their creativity while expanding their technical and theoretical expertise. We expect our graduates to take up positions in educational, artistic, or business enterprises.

Faculty of Economics

  1. We seek students who have the passion to contribute to society by grasping the causes of various economic problems with an aim to finding solutions to them.
  2. We seek students who aspire to become well-educated professionals with highly specialized knowledge in the business world or legal community.
  3. We seek students who understand the necessity of continuing to expand the boundaries of knowledge and who intend to pursue independent, on-going study after they graduate.

Faculty of Medicine

Institutes of Medicine
  1. Students who are committed to serving the needs of society through medicine.
  2. Students who have the capacity to treat patients with compassion and who can communicate effectively.
  3. Students who have the patience to engage in life-long learning and who are dedicated to increasing their knowledge and abilities.
  4. Students with high academic achievements and a demonstrated desire to excel.
Institutes of Nursing
  1. Students who have superior interpersonal skills and who wish to contribute to wellness and human welfare.
  2. Students who have a rich sensibility and the ability to communicate effectively.
  3. Students who are able to envision situations from another person’s perspective and who can think flexibly.
  4. Students who have both a wide range of academic abilities and the ability to think logically.
  5. Students whose professional goal is nursing.

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers its students thorough academic training in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences applicable to society at large. We therefore invite students who have a firm sense of purpose, ambition, and the following academic aspirations:

  1. Those who wish to gain specialized knowledge in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences and who also wish to develop their proficiency in logical thinking and problem solving.
  2. Those who wish to become educators or engineers and utilize specialized knowledge in all fields of Mathematics.
Department of Physics

Physics is a discipline filled with dreams and expectations. It seeks to analyze and describe in a unified way all natural phenomena, including matter, interactivity, and space-time, through simple and orderly physical laws. We explore truth by means of theoretical constructs and experimental validation.

The Department of Physics aspires to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills of physics by fostering flexible, creative thinking based on deep scientific knowledge. Our graduates pursue careers not only as professional physicists but also as employees in diverse fields at corporations and government offices and as teachers. Since the mastery of physics requires exceptionally broad knowledge, we seek students who have knowledge of basic physics, mathematical and scientific skills, and the ability to think logically and communicate effectively.

Department of Information Science

The Department of Information Science is dedicated to the systematic study of Information Technology with respect to the theory, planning, and development of computerized information systems. Through such research, we train students to become engineers, educators, and researchers able to play a formative role in the information society.

Our department seeks students who have a keen interest in IT and who are motivated to develop software and construct information systems. Such students must also possess the broadly based academic preparation necessary to acquire advanced skills and training related to the rapidly advancing field of IT.

Department of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry strives to carry out basic research and seeks to develop new materials such as fine ceramics, functional polymeric materials, and advanced materials such as electronics or bio-based products through structural design at the atomic, molecular or crystal lattice level. At the same time, we strive to develop earth-friendly materials and problem-solving technologies including resource recycling and environmental cleanup. We welcome students who possess intellectual curiosity and a desire to understand the organizing principles of daily life and who have an interest in creating new uniquely functional materials. We seek students who excel at biology, physics, mathematics, and chemistry, and who also are academically proficient in Japanese, social studies, and English.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Machine technology is a highly diversified field that includes transport machinery, such as aircraft, ships, trains, and automobiles; power-driven machinery, such as power plants; and industrial machinery, such as machine tools, industrial robots, rockets, artificial satellites, and even home appliances and information-communication devices. The future of machine technology lies not only in the pursuit of convenience and efficiency but also in the development of human-robot cooperation, safety, environmental harmony, resources, and energy.

The educational goal of the Department of Mechanical Engineering curriculum is to prepare professionals for a variety of roles in the world. The curriculum is accredited by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education as a technical education program for all freshmen and transfer students. We welcome students who have a basic knowledge of math and science, a heightened sense of ethics, and a fascination with “manufacturing,” a desire to create and innovate.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has produced many graduates active not only in the electronics industry but also in rapidly expanding information-related industries.

We provide a wide range of professional programs aimed to equip graduates with basic and applied skills that will enable them to pursue successful careers in electronics-related industries and businesses. We train our graduates to be globally minded leaders in electronics and IT.

In their senior year, students conduct their own research for graduation in our research labs, and we encourage students to pursue advanced research in our Master’s program.

We are looking for students who have mastered the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, and chemistry in high school and who have an interest in creating new hardware technologies or software programs related to electronics and information communication. We also welcome students interested in energy issues and environmental problems.

Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Cities need transportation, water, buildings, a functional infrastructure, improved facilities, and a means of insuring safety; they also need, however, to function in harmony with the natural environment and local history. In recent years, city design has grown increasingly important. Formative and spatial design requires an aesthetic sensibility that takes into account human feelings and attitudes toward nature. The ability to communicate is, obviously, an essential requirement. The Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture consists of two courses: “Environment and Infrastructure Course” and “Architecture and Urban Design Course,” preparing professionals with highly technical knowledge for a variety of roles. The distinguishing feature of our educational principle is that students are free to choose courses from the specialized subjects we offer. Since students must accept responsibility for their choices, they need to exhibit a spirit of challenge and a strong will to succeed.

Faculty of Agriculture

In the 21st century, society has recognized the need to shift from a mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal society to a sustainable, recycling society. The Faculty of Agriculture is located in one of Japan’s largest agricultural regions and is, therefore, an especially good environment in which to study. The Faculty is dedicated to providing a range of study programs designed to find solutions to real world problems. The key words are Food, Life, Environment, Information, Energy, and Local Community. Our mission is to cultivate the intellectual capabilities and creativity of our students so that they can become competent, socially responsible professionals both domestically and internationally. We welcome students who have unique and lively personalities and who possess wide-ranging academic knowledge.

Department of Applied Biological Sciences
  1. We seek students who have an understanding of and an interest in the following areas: the elucidation of the ecophysiology of a wide range of plant and animal species, the development and utilization of useful biological resources based on biotechnology, and the development of effective methods of disease and pest control.
  2. We seek students who are interested in self-development and who have superior problem-solving skills.
  3. We seek students who have a sense of purpose and who, with the knowledge and skills learned in this department, aspire to play an important role in society.
Department of Environmental Sciences
  1. We seek students who have an interest in conservation and the reclamation of the natural, social, and biological environment.
  2. We seek students who are motivated to create biological production systems that enable sustainable agriculture and who desire to construct viable economic and social systems.
  3. We seek students who have a sense of purpose and who, with the knowledge and skills learned in this department, aspire to play an important role in society.
Department of Applied Biochemistry and Food Science
  1. We seek students who are interested in Life Science, which aims to understand processes such as in vivo gene expression and metabolism as well as their regulatory mechanisms at the molecular level. We also welcome those interested in the physiological functions of foods, nutrition, and food safety.
  2. We seek students who have a sense of purpose and who, with the knowledge and skills learned in this department, aspire to play an important role in society.