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University Hospital

University Hospital
University Hospital (Nabeshima Campus)

The University Hospital attached to the Faculty of Medicine has been one of the main medical institutions in Saga since it was opened in 1981. The Hospital is committed to its standards of excellence, standards that have enhanced its reputation. It is devoted to addressing important regional medical issues, provides training for medical professionals, emergency medical service, and medical implementation of the latest technological breakthroughs.

Entrance Hall Community Medical Support Center  Coffee Shop


Number of Bed 604
Number of Inpatients 515(Daily Average)
Number of Outpatients 952(Daily Average)
Clinical Departments 27
Central Clinical Facilities 18
Traversing Clinical Care Teams 10
Safety Management Section
Community Healthcare Coordination Section
Clinical Trial Center
Graduate Medical Education Center
Medical Record Center
Heart Center
Image Information Processing Center
Autopsy Imaging Center
Community Medical Support Center
Center for Motion Analysis and Mobility Development
Liver Center
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Preservation Center
Fuji Yamato Onsen Hospital Saga University Hospital Community General Medicine Center


http://www.hospital.med.saga-u.ac.jp/hp/top.php (Japanese)