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International Students Compete in 2012 Japanese Speech Contest

Posted on September 25, 2012

Thirteen speakers vied for the first prize in the Japanese Speech Contest held on July 11, 2012 at Avance Hall in Saga city, and the audience of about 300 listened to their speeches.

First, Three officials greeted; Dr. Ratnayake Piyadasa, Professor at the Faculty of Economics and head of the International Exchange Office, Dr. Akira Nakajima, Director of Saga University, and Dr. Ichiro Hirachi, Dean of the Faculty of Economics. The thirteen speakers, dressed in traditional costumes, tried to give speeches in culture and values of their home country, and their experiences and culture in Japan.

The judges awarded the first prize to Ms.Poornika Kumari Seelagama from Sri Lanka said that Japan can be not only a developed nation but also a happy nation. The second prize went to Mr.Purevdorj Baasan from Mongolia; He said many Japanese believe Genghis Khan Dish is Mongolian food. Ms.Nguyen Thi Hue from Vietnam received the third prize; she talked about her experience of homestay in Japan.

The special prize by the sponsor went to Mr. Kou Hakley from Kambodia; He talked about his experience that his nervousness and no smile caused worries to his friends. “The floor prize” by the audience's votes went to Ms. Kim Eunmi from Korea; She told a story of “the true intention” and “the principle”.

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