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Summer Program 2013

Posted on November 19, 2013

Saga University held the first short-term Summer Program for short-stay international students for about 3 weeks from July 8 to July 25. This year, 22 students joined from 8 countries and 11 overseas universities which concluded the overseas agreements.

The theme is “Creating Innovation for Sustainability in Young Leaders” and students who participated in the program learned, toured, and did activities along the theme.

In the first week, the sub-theme is “Food and Agriculture”. They took a lecture on it, and went to fieldwork, and in the weekend, they lodged together at “Hokuzan Syonen Shizen no Ie” in Fuji-cho, and worked on conservation of nature, and agricultural experiences.

In the second week, the sub-theme is “The Environmental Energy”. They took a lecture on environment, and visited 4 power stations, and in the weekend, the students who had been planning for homestay enjoyed with host families.

In the third week, the sub-theme is “The Succession of traditional culture and the techniques”. They took a lecture on the history and culture of Saga, and they visited the Kyushu Ceramic Museum. At the last day, they had a presentation about the things they had learned through these 3 weeks by groups.

At the completion ceremony, Dr. Akira Nakajima, Director of the Center for Promotion of International Exchange, handed a certificate to all the students.

The Saga University students participated in some activities of the program. They had a good chance of promoting furthermore friendship with the participants.

2013 summer program 2013 summer program