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“The Meeting with the Saga University Alumni in Seoul” held

Posted on November 26, 2013

“The Meeting with the Saga University Alumni in Seoul”, overseas “Homecoming Day”, was held in Seoul, Korea on August 22 as a part of the interchange support project by the Saga University Alumni Association.

This event was the third time holding, and has been aimed to strengthen the relationship with the partner universities, and to construct the network between the people related to Saga University by meeting all together, alumni and international students living abroad.

This time, the meeting was held in Seoul because there was also the educational program to manage people who will be engaged in agricultural MOT. The staff who came back to their country after the educational research in Saga University, graduates, students study abroad, and persons of Kookmin University, which is the affiliated school of Saga University, 48 persons participated.

In the reception, Dr. Masahiro Seguchi, Director of Education and Student Affairs, introduced the message of President Dr. Hotokebuchi, and explained about the alumni association. After, the presidents of the affiliated school of Saga University said about the good relationship with Saga University, and the expectation to the international exchange between the universities.

The participants said “We hope to build the network between Korean people concerned about Saga University on this occasion”.