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SPACE Program Closing Ceremony

Posted on November 26, 2013

The 2013 closing ceremony of the SPACE program, the Saga University Program for Academic Exchange, was held on August 19 at University Hall of Honjo campus.

SPACE is one-year exchange program designed for international students from overseas universities that have an inner-university agreement with Saga University. The lecture is in Japanese or English, and it is a unique curriculum which not only they can study Japanese and its society, but also take a class on the specialty of the individual student. Through learning and research in Saga University, and through the contact with Japanese students and local people around, the students can deepen knowledge and understanding about Japanese society and people. This year, 13 students from such as China, Taiwan, and France completed the program.

President Dr. Hotokebuchi handed a certificate to all the students, and made a congratulatory address "I would like you to join Homecoming Day in your home country".

After that, each student expressed pleasant memories and a feeling of gratitude to their teachers in Japanese, and the ceremony closed in a friendly mood.