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The 4th Stamp Rally in Yoshinogari Historical Park

Posted on February 18, 2014

“The 4th Stamp Rally in Yoshinogari” was held in the Yoshinogari Historical Park on December 10th, about 110 people participated in the event, including international students and Japanese students living in Saga.

This event has been held three years ago, planned and managed by mainly the Saga University international students as the interchange event between students. This time, it is the project for the local interchange between international students by The Nakajima foundation international students.

This event consisted of two parts: morning and afternoon, in the morning they made comma-shaped beads called “Magatama”. From afternoon, the participants broke into 20 groups and experienced the stamp rally. They went around answering questions about Saga at 6 points of the park, and aimed at the goal talking with each other of the group while facing some difficult questions. Some participants made a goal in a hand with a big Japanese radish, which they dug at another event of the park.

Finally, the commendation ceremony of the stamp rally and exchange meeting was held, and some participants said “I made lot of new friends of the world” “I want to join again”.

They studied Japanese ancient culture and history which they touch rarely, and exchanged each other between international students and Japanese students beyond the frame of universities.