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The Lecture for International Students on the Atomic Bomb Experience in Nagasaki

Posted on March 17, 2014

“The Atomic Bomb Experience in Nagasaki”, a lecture for international students of Saga University, was held on December 18 at Honjo Campus, and about 30 international and Japanese students, and staff members participated. Its purpose is to make them think about the misery of atom bombs and understanding of the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, and encourage them to talk about it in their countries.

After the opening speech by Mr. Akira Nakajima, Vice President of Saga University, they watched a DVD of the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb “Nagasaki Children”, and Mr. Joji Fukabori, who has really experienced the atomic bomb at the age of 14, talked about his experiences.

Mr. Fukabori was bombed at the machine shop of the Mitsubishi Shipyard of 3 kilometers from the center of the explosion. A furious pink flash crossed suddenly in the sky, and in a moment, a strong blast of 30 meters per second struck him. When he went back to his house, 600 kilometers away from the center of the explosion, he found everything was burned out but a cooking stove with the cooked white rice. The view of the town completely changed and it cannot be explained and cannot be forgotten.

Mr. Fukabori started the activities by a sense of mission of telling his experiences for the down ages widely not to continue the atrocity.

The participants said, “This was a good chance for me because I have not thought about the atomic bomb actually and how terrible it is.” “I think it was a good opportunity to see the person who has watched the most evil part of humans.” There were various opinions, and it was a meaningful lecture.