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President’s Welcome Address for the Autumn Entrance Ceremony for Graduate School

Posted on October 4, 2010

I would like to give a hearty welcome to each of the 26 students representing 10 countries who have come to study at Saga University, along with the Vice President, the deans of the graduate school, faculty and students of Saga University.

The students present here today were selected from a large group of applicants to become students of Saga University first at their own home universities and then at Saga University. I am sure all of you have come to Japan with high hopes and expectations about studying abroad at Saga University.

Saga University emphasizes and encourages not only international academic exchange but also international student exchange. Our goal of education is "to educate people who can take an active role in the world ". I thank you for coming to our university and for contributing to its internationalization.

While you are here, please take the opportunity to make friends with Japanese students at the university and become acquainted with the professors in your respective fields of study. I also encourage each of you to get to know local people outside the university. There are many events throughout the year here in Saga. Attending these will be a good opportunity for you to get to know the culture, society, and nature of Japan and further enhance the rewards of your study abroad.

I hope that your stay in Saga will be academically meaningful and advance each of you in his or her future career. I wish all of you the best of luck.

October, 4th 2010

Takao Hotokebuchi,
the president of Saga University