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Stamp Rally in Yoshinogari Historical Park

Posted on November 30, 2010

As part of the international exchange program of the Saga International Student Support Association, “Stamp Rally in Yoshinogari” was held in the Yoshinogari Historical Park on October 30th.

The Saga International Student Support Association is a local group which supports overseas students and encourages cultural exchange. The main purpose of the Stamp Rally event was to deepen mutual and cultural understanding through cooperative exchange. About 100 people participated in the event, including international students living in Saga, Japanese students, and local residents. International students and Japanese students worked together as staff members from the planning stages to conduct the event.

In the event, the participants made stone pendants and braids. One of the international students said, “It was very difficult to make a pendant, but after all I could make a lovely one. The color of the braid is so beautiful.” After lunch, participants broke into some teams and experienced the stamp rally around the park. Through the game, students enjoyed communicating and cooperating with each other in a team.

*A Stamp Rally is a game in which participants go around to certain locations and answer a question to get a stamp.

Stamp Rally in Yoshinogari stone pendant makingbraids making