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University Emblem and School Color

University Emblem

The University Emblem symbolizes Saga University’s aspirations for the future embodied in the form of a flying magpie. Magpies are widely distributed around the world, especially in Europe and East Asia, but in Japan their habitat is limited to the Saga Plains. They have been designated as a national natural icon and are a protected species. The magpie is thus an appropriate symbol for a University that aims to contribute to both local communities and the world at large. In the sun, its impressive black and white figure appears to glisten blue-violet and green, which have been adopted as the University colors.

School Color

Our school colors are bluish purple and blue-green. Blue is the color of the sky in Saga, green is the color of the rice fields, combined with a magpie’s colors. A magpie has black and white feathers and its wings and tail shine green, blue and purple with metallic luster.