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The President’s Message

Kohji Miyazaki President of Saga University
KODAMA Hiroaki
President of Saga University

Aspiration and challenge for the future

Reflecting on the history of Saga University, we recollect that Saga University was first established in 1949 from the pre-World War II Saga High School, Saga Teaching College, and Saga Youth Teaching College. Subsequently, Saga Medical University, set up in 1976 as the only national medical college in Saga Prefecture, was integrated into Saga University in 2003. Further, Saga Prefectural Arita Ceramics College, located in the area from which the famous Arita ceramics take their name, was integrated in 2016. Through these integrations, Saga University now boasts six faculties: Education, Art and Regional Design, Economics, Medicine, Science and Engineering, and Agriculture; and seven graduate schools: Teacher Education, Regional Design, Advanced Health Science, Medicine, Science and Engineering, Engineering, and Agriculture. In its role as a national university, Saga University is promoting and developing education, research, and activities that contribute to life in the local community on its three campuses at Honjo, Nabeshima, and Arita.

Saga University has been working to solve the problems in our locality, aiming to be a Regional Intelligence Base necessary for the region’s development by making use of our facilities both on- and off-campus. These facilities include:
1. the Saga University Art Museum, which is celebrating its sixth anniversary and has over 220,000 visitors;
2. the University Library;
3. the University-attached Kindergarten, Elementary School, and Junior High School;
4. the University Hospital, which is an advanced treatment hospital supporting regional medical treatment; and
5.advanced research centers such as the Institute of Ocean Energy, which promotes research to realize a sustainable society, the Synchrotron Light Application Center, and the Ceramic Research Center.

Based on the educational and research resources nurtured by the University since its establishment, we aim to be an ‘Cutting-edge Education University’, educating students who have both a strong foundation in general education which stands them in good stead to deal with our changing world, and the professional skills and knowledge which our society requires. Faculty and staff will continue to make every effort to nurture versatile and motivated students by connecting our educational and research resources organically to construct original education programs. We look forward to receiving your cooperation and support in these endeavors.