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The President’s Message

Kohji Miyazaki President of Saga University
Kohji Miyazaki
President of Saga University

Many people may not know that the Meiji Industrial Revolution started here in Saga. Towards the end of the Edo period the Saga Clan promoted Dutch studies introduced Western civilization earlier than any other clan. The former Mietsu Naval Dock was registered as a World Cultural Heritage site this year. Japan’s first reverberatory furnace was made by the Saga Clan as Sano Taneomi and other refiners, who created a steam engine, sent steamships and steam locomotives out into the world. Japan’s telecommuncations industry was also first started by the Saga Clan and resulted in the Saga Clan obtaining the largest amount of information on the Chinese Opium War. Behind such a glorious history, Saga University tries to challenge itself in the modern world far beyond its local context with the innovative spirits and great pride of the old Saga Clan.

Saga University, incorporated by the old Saga University and Saga Medical College in October 2003, consists of five faculties: Culture and Education, Economics, Medicine, Science and Engineering, and Agriculture. In October, 2013, we built the University Art Museum, celebrating the tenth anniversary of this incorporation. This museum was the first affiliated museum at a national university in Japan and is based on the long tradition of Saga teacher’s training advanced courses in art education( Arts and Crafts). Furthermore, in April, 2016, the new Faculty of Art and Local Design will be added by incorporating the Arita College of Ceramics.

In the midst of the revolutionary period of national universities, Saga University chooses to be a “university for Saga,” which contributes specifically to the local community, but we also strive to produce global-minded individuals with multiple perspectives who can respond flexibly to change in the modern dynamic society. We will pursue high diversity at the university: we will develop highly-cultivated and multi-talented students with artistic sensitivity, as well as those who excel in one field with the spirit of craftsmanship. Where there is a will, there are a variety of ways to reach the goal. For the development of diversity at the university, we have already started research project centers and we are considering the separation of the faculty and educational bodies. We have constructed the necessary infrastructure in which our Institutional Research Center, accumulating and analyzing data, sets not only the outcome of each project but the KPI in its process, based upon the P-D-C-A cycle.

The next year is the first year of the third Mid-Target and Mid-Planning period, when Saga University will establish a more powerful academic system, starting with the new Faculty of Art and Local Design as our sixth faculty. The faculty and the staff will work together in further developing the university with a new slogan: “To become an intellectual/regional center for developing global-minded individuals rich in artistic sensitivity and diversity.” We would appreciate your continuous support.