Saga University and its Members hereby declare that the University, based on the educational and professional achievements it has produced in every field of study, shall act in accordance with the following principles, aiming to develop with the community for the future, in the resourceful natural environment with cultural and historical backgrounds which have long been cultivated by the exchange with other regions.


Attractive University

The University shall create an attractive campus where students can study and act positively with their own purposes.


Creation and Inheritance

The University shall commit itself to the creation and inheritance of human wisdom so that humans can live together with nature.


Education-Oriented University

The University shall provide a high quality of education in the belief that higher education will lead the society.


Promotion of Research

The University shall continue to raise its academic level to convey its original achievements to the world.


Contribution to Society

The University shall deal with problems of the community from educational and professional viewpoints.


Contribution to the International Society

The University, as a major intellectual organization in Asia, shall contribute to the development of the international society.


Evaluation and Improvement

The University shall accomplish its mission as a national university located in Saga through constant evaluation and improvement of its achievements.